So..I am moving soon and I am nervous. Nervous about packing-how the hell am I going to find the time? Nervous about Jackson being ina new space. Oh my God, am I going to scar my child for life for bouncing him from home to home? I mean a year ago he was living in a huge house with both parents, to living in a nice home with his Aunt and Mommy to…well, let’s just say the living arrangement will be diferent this time.

But, I am also excited! This is yet another adventurous chapter in my life and I am accepting of the challenge.  It seems that just because you are nervous about something, it doesn’t mean that it will all turn out bad, it is just that you are aware and need to process through all that is happening to determine whether it is the right move.  Luckily, this is a dress rehearsal and the butterflies are moving from nervous fear to nervous excitement. We will see…until next time.